Stop wasting Time & Money on Internet Marketing That Doesn't Work!

Start Getting Real Results For Your Business

My proprietary system identifies exactly what you need to do and creates a plan of implementation to begin seeing true business growth through the internet.

Don't worry; I know you're skeptical right NOW.

“Oh, look – another internet marketer about to make big claims about how they can make me tons of money from the internet.”

I get it.

I dislike most of the people in my industry who give it a bad name too.

Up until now, I’ve kept a relatively low profile online because I don’t like being associated with many internet marketers.

The kind who hassle you with automated spam emails and LinkedIn requests promising ridiculous results.

Those people suck.

So right off the bat, I want to be real with you and promise 3 things:

#1 – I am not a bullshit artist who just took an eCourse on building an agency in the past 6 months.

Nor am I now trying to sell you something I have little-to-no experience with.

On the contrary, I have designed websites for over 2 decades and have about 15 years of deep experience doing all kinds of internet marketing initiatives at all different levels for all kinds of clients and industries.

For years I have been featured on podcasts or in private trainings as a marketing expert by those who know me.

In other words: I seriously know what the hell I’m doing and have earned a living for many years by making other people lots of money online.

#2 – I really care that my clients get real results that positively affect their business.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: “Look, we managed to get you on the first page for 41 more keywords this month!”

Or maybe you’ve spent thousands on ads, yet in both cases your bottom line remains the same.

That is just not how I roll.

Nothing I do matters unless it affects your bottom line in a good way, period.

#3 – I’m about to tell you about something I’ve developed that could revolutionize your business.

I know that’s a huge claim. Like I said earlier, you’re right to be skeptical.

So I’m going to take some time and show you exactly why so many of your past internet marketing initiatives have failed, and how I created a system that fixes the problem at the root.

If that sounds good, please keep reading – I want to tell you about why I am now stepping out of the shadows and showcasing my brand new system.

Most small businesses do not get the kinds of great results that larger companies can achieve by marketing online.

Why is this?

Medium and large businesses have the money and resources to devote into paying for experts that can create custom marketing plans for their business.

If your company doesn't have a bunch of marketers who are part time models sitting around like this and smiling at how they are spending millions of $$$ on advertising, then keep reading.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, often just throw money away at different marketing initiatives without knowing how or why they are even supposed to work.

How many times have you heard “Oh, you need to do SEO!” or “You should run Facebook ads!”

Maybe it’s “You need to update your website; it’s outdated!” or “how come you don’t run a webinar?”

All of these things can work.

So you run off and find “someone who does SEO” and spend money with them for a few months.

And you get monthly reports showing great “results.”

But in reality, nothing has changed for your business. 😒

That's why I created the Breakthrough Marketing Matrix.

The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix is my solution to create a truly custom internet marketing plan tailored to you and your small business.

A custom marketing plan is the key to growing sales without wasting time and money online.

You see, it’s impossible for any marketer to get truly great results through internet marketing for any client without knowing the many details and variables about the client’s business as well as details about the business’ ideal clients/customers.

Most marketers completely skip this step and get right to work!

“Oh, you need a website? Ok, what colors do you like?”

Others don’t dive in nearly deep enough when onboarding their clients.

And nearly all simply work within their discipline (such as SEO, Google Ads, etc.) and are happy to take your money even if what they do isn’t the best thing for your business!

Now please understand – I’m not suggesting that all marketers are unethical.

What I am saying is that too often, both marketers and their clients simply assume they need certain types of marketing without doing the prerequisite work to see if that even makes sense for the client’s business.

Yes, SEO makes sense for SOME businesses. Yes, SEO can work for SOME businesses.

But not all businesses.

So when an SEO expert has a business owner come to them claiming they “need good SEO” because they heard that from another business owner, they just assume that is true and get them setup as a client.

What should have happened instead is a detailed assessment to find out exactly what the business actually does or does not need in the first place!

When I say the Breakthrough Marketing Matrix helps create a truly custom internet marketing plan for your business, I mean it.

This system figures out the many variables that all combine to make up your specific business, and by properly implementing the right marketing techniques which we know will work exactly for you, we completely take the guesswork out of getting you serious results.

What do I mean by serious results?

After going through the system, we’ll have an easy to follow and implement plan that could 2x, 3x, or even 5x your online results.

No, I’m not going to sit here and use crazy math to come up with things like “We increased the number of sign-ups by 8,017 percent!”

We all know that’s cherry-picked nonsense. 🙄

But really, what does it look like if your business saw 3x or 5x the results you’re currently getting?

Just take a moment and imagine some part of your internet marketing working 5x better than it does now.

This could be you after working with me.

Real Client Results Are All That Matters.

For one construction company out of Maryland, their new results meant having to increase the size of their workforce to handle all the new business coming in.

Oh, and did I mention on top of increasing business, we reduced costs so they spend less per month on internet marketing than before? 😁

This may or may not be actual footage of one of my clients. You decide.

Let me give you a direct quote the owner said to me:

“When I spend money with you, I know I’m going to earn it back and more within a few months.”


And for a therapist in California, it meant saving their business that was on the brink of shutting down because their last internet marketing company used the completely wrong tactics which took their previously small online results down to absolutely zero.

There were NO new leads over the next 6 months.

Come again?

Yes, you read that right.

I want to be very clear here: An internet marketing company simply implemented some marketing initiatives for their client without using a system like mine, and it wrecked their online results so badly that the owner nearly had to close down.

After reaching out to me in desperation, we quickly assessed the situation, implemented the fastest fixes possible, and they had new leads coming to them in under a month by implementing the RIGHT types of marketing that perfectly fit their business.

It's not your fault if past designers and marketers didn't help your business grow.

Listen, there are a lot of people out there selling things they simply can’t deliver on. And it takes a lot of experience to be able to discern and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Like I’ve shown, the real problem is undertaking initiatives or implementing things like a website, Google/Facebook ads, or social media campaigns without seeing how they fit into a larger, custom plan created just for you.

All these things CAN work, but they may or may not work FOR YOU, and they often need to work in concert with other initiatives you may or may not be doing.

As I’ve already said, many marketers or web designers are happy to take your money to provide a service, even if you may not really need it or it might be totally wrong for you.

And that’s why you hear so many horror stories where people spend so much money online and get nothing in return.

I promise you this will not be the only Top Gun reference by the time we're done.

But people like me usually work for companies who can afford the salary of someone whose full-time job is to create plans for them to bring in millions of dollars.

However, thanks to this system, now you can get someone like me for a fraction of the cost of an employee while still getting the benefits as if you had your own full-time marketing director.

It’s your lucky day! 😉

But there's one problem I haven't totally managed to eliminate!

There’s still only so much of me to go around!

And yes, you actually get to work directly with me!

Because it requires a human with expertise to look at the data, understand it, lay out all the options, and come up with a truly customized plan that works for you.

And it requires a human to answer your questions with thoughtful replies, and to support you through implementation.

The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix is NOT like some marketing guru’s eCourse.

I’m not pretending that I could actually sell out of a solely digital product like they do.

Although this system has enabled me to scale and massively multiply my effectiveness and get incredible results for my clients, thus bringing the cost down to be available to the small businesses I love to work with (I can’t stand working for corporate!), I have the same 24 hours a day that you do.

And I need a lot of time to continually study internet marketing and stay on top of the game knowing what new methods/features/advances have come out and so on so that you’re always getting the very best solutions.

I’m also a human being who needs time to rest and have a personal life.

Therefore, client spots are extremely limited and I will soon have to cut off taking on any new clients.

Wondering if The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix is right for you?

I got paid for my first website design when I was 14 years old.

For most of the time since then (over 2 decades!), I have been designing websites and working on various internet marketing initiatives for clients as small as the entrepreneur starting a side-gig up through large, 8-figure businesses.

And I can tell you this system would work for every client I’ve ever had, precisely because it’s job is to create a custom plan no matter what kind of business it is!

As you have already seen, it can work for a construction company on the east coast just as much as it can work for a solo therapist on the west coast.

And if you’re curious about the experiences others have had working with me and going through this process, here’s some of the testimonials I’ve received over the years from clients with all sorts of different businesses:

How does The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix work?

We all know marketing can work.

Companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars EACH YEAR on marketing around the world.

Why would every single Fortune 100 company spend money on marketing? You don’t grow that big by being stupid and spending money on things which don’t work.

Oh, and you don’t grow that big without marketing either.

Thanks to the Breakthrough Marketing Matrix system, combined with the power of the internet to lower marketing costs to fractions of what they used to be with traditional media, your business can now have access to the kinds of marketing power and expertise that used to be reserved only for the big name brands.

By answering a series of questions that will define all the variables for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, we can immediately plot out and see where your strengths, opportunities, and best chances are across numerous different dimensions.

We then connect all this information together to build a step-by-step plan that lays out the exact way your business will attract and acquire new leads.

Therefore, we know exactly what we need to build and implement, and most importantly what we DON’T need to work on, so that your time and money goes only into the initiatives that will get you real results!

You would normally have to hire a marketing director to get the same kind of custom plan for your business.

Right now, the average salary of a marketing director in the US is about $87,000.

Thanks to my system and ability to scale custom marketing plans and their implementation, you will only pay a FRACTION of that price.

But first, I need to know if we’re a good fit.

You see, I’m not interested in working with just anybody.

I don’t work with anyone who is unethical in the slightest.

I am confident you could ask any one of my clients and they would tell you that my integrity means everything to me.

Beyond values, there are also still people who are on the fence about internet marketing in general.

If you don’t actually believe the internet is the best way to grow your business, then you’re not going to be all in when working with me.

Get started with The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix.

You’ve seen how my techniques and system have corrected the mistakes of other so-called “experts” and completely blew their internet marketing results through the roof.

And if you’re reading this right now, there is still a chance to become one of my clients before I fill up and have to stop accepting any applications to work with me.

So right now, you have three options:

#1 - Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

Be honest with yourself. If you’re not serious about growing your business, or you’re happy with your current results, then maybe this isn’t for you. That’s ok – I’m not a good fit for everyone.

However, if you are not satisfied with your current results and are serious about growing your business, you have two other options:

#2 - Do it yourself

You can spend a year or two learning everything there is to know about all different forms of internet marketing.

Then you can spend a few more years actually putting it into practice, trying and failing, until you finally have the experience to properly put all your knowledge to good use.

THEN, you can implement it all for your business.

Or, you can skip all that, and believe that watching a few videos on YouTube about running ads or website design will somehow enable you to put your business online and beat ALL of your competition.

🙄 🙄 🙄

That is assuming you happened to choose the best way to market your business in the first place, without any real professional experience.

If you think that is the case, I have a bridge to sell you in addition to my marketing system.

#3 - Work with me and unleash the power of The Breakthrough Marketing Matrix

If we’re a good fit, we can immediately start implementing the Breakthrough Marketing Matrix system for your business.

You’ll answer some questions and then let the system work its magic.

Through this process, we’ll come up with a plan that will get you results. We’ll then figure out the best way to implement them.

We stop the wasting of money. We stop the suffering.

We start doing things that work.

And then you’re going to watch as your number of leads, number of clients, and profits explode.

(Oh, and if we’re not a good fit, I’ll give you an expert recommendation on where to go next.)

Now of the three options, which sounds best to you?

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re smart enough and serious enough to do what is obviously best for you and your business.

The form below can get you started and I’m ready to hear from you.

But only you can decide to take the next step.

Use the contact form below to contact me.

Here’s to your success,

Chris Gaskill

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